Lesbian Phonesex Fantasy Calls With Mistress Josephine
Mistress Josephone Lesbian Fem Domme Sex


I am Mistress Josephine and you are here to serve me. I expect the best from you and in return you will be rewarded in ways that will make you tremble with excitement. I am not like those other fly by night Mistresses, the ones who pretend to know about domination. I am a true Mistress, one who is trained in the arts of BDSM. I do not threaten with whips in one moment and let you get away with murder in the next.

If I allow you to be my submissive, you will follow my rules. Any deviance will have you punished hard by me. Of course, that’s not to say I won’t have my fun when I want to. I delight in performing CBT on little male subbies and watching them squirm. I garner enjoyment out of my control over you and you will come to realize that my enjoyment supersedes your own.

I can be harsh and cruel but I am also a deeply sensual woman, one who takes her pleasure where she finds it. And I hope to find it in you. Yes, if I choose you to be one of my submissives, it will be a high honour. You must prove yourself to me at every turn and show me why you belong with me.

I, in turn will draw out your sexual fantasies, even those you have kept hidden from everyone else and I will play with them. I will use them to control you in every way. You will tremble when you pick up the phone to call me, your heart pounding as you think about all I can do to you. Yes, I will own you and you will love every moment.

As a lesbian I have no desire for you sexually. This makes me a consistent and stern Mistress, one who is not susceptible to the prostrations of a doe-eyed little sub. I am what you are looking for in every way. I am what you need and crave.

Now be a good pet and get on your knees.

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